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 The Ultimate Review of Clarion Call of...

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Clarion Call of...   The Ultimate Review of Clarion Call of... I_icon_minitimeSam 13 Déc - 20:16

Zorakarer: another decent group to come off of Senseless Life Records. If you are into symphonic black metal, you will most likely find some enjoyment in this release. After hearing the strong Norwegian vibe of this record, I was surprised to see that these guys are from Portland, OR (also home of US BM giants, Agalloch).

If there is only one thing I could credit Zorakarer with, it’s song-writing. The arrangements are very fluid, there is plenty of variance, and I never found myself bored. Classical piano parts are subtle and pleasant; neo-classical guitars further enhance the 1800’s vibe, but not with the showiness of Bodom. It is all very, I don’t know, “classy?” It’s under-stated in a good way. This is the vibe I think Cradle of Filth strives for but rarely reaches.

Vocals come in two flavors, scratchy screeches and deep death metal backing growls. They are kept buried in the mix somewhat. It’s nothing amazing, but it fits the rest of the music very well. Drums enjoy a bit more variety. There is plenty of pummeling bass drum, but this is no one-trick pony. I dare say I even heard some triplets. Brethren of the Oakthorn Vale includes plenty of fills and tempo changes. Astral Theological Literary Hybrid has a neat synth hook and is just an all around enjoyable song. I definitely like the inclusion of melodeath guitar towards the end of the song. It is a memorable hook and stands out as a bit more unique. Through the Hyperion Wastelands is another well-constructed track with a fairly epic high-pitched lead in the last half carrying it to a strong close.

On the downside, there is nothing incredibly original happening either. I sense an abundance of Emperor-worship. Nightside and Anthems are clearly the overwhelming influences throughout. Zorakarer utilize the same sweeping tremolos and enunciation of melodies with the synthesizers that epitomizes the sound. Again, it is written and produced quite well, but I find myself often wishing for them to break free from the mold and surprise me.

All considered, I would easily give these guys a pretty solid 8 for their abilities, but around a 3 for originality. For the un-initiated, this will serve as a welcome addition to their symphonic black metal growth. It just doesn’t hold up to what has already been done. Another burgeoning black metal act to watch for in the future. With this debut under their belts, I hope for a sophomore release that is a bit more adventurous. To scratch that itch, I would recommend their label-mates, Srogosc. At the time of writing, both albums were available for full stream and cheap purchase on their Bandcamp pages. They are worth the listen.
Final Score: 33 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Clarion Call of...
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