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 The Ultimate Review of Chemical...

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Chemical...   The Ultimate Review of Chemical... I_icon_minitimeSam 13 Déc - 20:15

Being a fan of grind for quite some time, I've come to appreciate the really fast and out control sound that it is known for. I've come across some genuinely great stuff and some really shitty stuff. This falls under the latter category. There is no substance to any of the tracks on the album whatsoever, the vocals and instrumentals are extremely boring (I actually did doze off a bit during the listen), and every goddamn track sounds the same one after another. Just a 45 second non stop blast beat with drop b tuned guitars playing the same notes in varied order time and time again. In addition to all that, the album was way too short. Topping off at a mere ten minutes. That's hardly worth even sitting down and listening to. When you go and spend money on music, you expect it to be worth the amount you paid and not just get a few minutes out of it.

On the flip side of this whole thing, the production was pretty damn good. Which is not commonly found in a lot of independent death metal and grind releases. In fact the production is good enough that you can at least pick out the Final Score: 71 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Chemical...
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