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 The Ultimate Review of Amesoeurs

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Amesoeurs   The Ultimate Review of Amesoeurs I_icon_minitimeVen 12 Déc - 13:17

Whenever I come across this profound and sorrowful work of art, there are a mix of different emotions to found. From the harsh and dismal black metal driven tunes to the lighter pop-orientated and beautiful tracks, there are many delightful surprises scattered across the entire album. There is quite the unique blend of sounds and influences, whether it be shoegaze, post-punk, black metal or even depressive rock. "Amesoeurs" are trying to create a one of a kind album that evokes a depressing yet somewhat hopeful and blissful vibe while showing their oblivious inspirations such as "The Cure". The opener is by far the most epic tune on this album where the bass is the driving force followed by a catchy guitar hook that builds up to absolute musical insanity and emotional liberation. The leader of "Amesoeurs" named Neige is particularly known for showing his love for black Metal and shoegaze equally and especially on his own band "Alcest". However on "Amesoeurs", Neige's recognizable sound is quite minimal in the midst of the different musical ideals of the other band members.

Another standout track is the mellow and soft "Faux Semblants" where the angelic voice of Audrey Sylvain is absolutely captivating and mesmerizing. As the albums progresses in what feels like a cool autumn evening with rain pouring down in the streets of an old French village, the harsher and more resentful felt track, "Receuillment" sounds almost to be like the equivalent of what "The Beatles" would have sounded like if they had gone black metal. The same song also contains a brief guitar solo that although has fragments of beauty also gives the listener the impression that something ominous is about to happen. Finally, the last of my favorite tracks would have to be the closer "Au Crepuscule de Nos Reves" even though it is bleak, somber and abrasive there is somehow a deep sentiment that there is a bright shimmer of light shining, showing how beauty is to be found in even the darkest places. The only two minor drawbacks that I have with this album, would be that the tracks do not flow together particularly well due how different the tracks sound from one another and how each track has it's own different feel and approach.

Despite this, "Amesoeurs" produced an exceptionally memorable, near perfect and fulfilling masterpiece in my opinion. Unfortunately like many metal bands that sound out of the norm and entirely different from the vast majority, "Amesoeurs" did not last long at all and the band members split up soon after the completion of the album. Yet, surprisingly somehow many of the band members still play occasionally with Neige on his own current projects. Over the recent years, this album has become a bit of a cult classic and is strongly appreciated among many metal fans. This is an album that strongly portrays and gives the impression of a bleak and gloomy reality inside a cold, dark and foggy world. As a whole, this album remains to be among one of my favorites in the black metal realm and throughout time and time again has thoroughly impressed me with it's ability to create such a dark, depressing and dismal shoegaze and black metal sound.
Final Score: 12 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Amesoeurs
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