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 The Ultimate Review of Diluvio

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Diluvio   The Ultimate Review of Diluvio I_icon_minitimeVen 12 Déc - 13:12

Just like Loretta, I discovered Mystica Girls on Metaladies. And just like Loretta, it's hard to find what to say about them, because they are so damn weird. Everything about this band is an enigma. There's just a million of questions that come to your mind regarding Mystica Girls.

It's as if Mystica Girls were aliens from a planet where people have colorful hair, and had tried to play the kind of metal musics that are popular on earth, such as poppy hard rock and Pantera-esque-nu metal-vague modern rock stuff, but, them not having grown up on earth, nothing they play seems normal, regardless of how common and even commercial it's usually considered to be. How the hell do you explain a record that starts with this heavy, dark, angry, revenge-seeking title track, and then follows it up with much lighter songs?

Well, lighter, only in terms of riffs. "Cuanto Quieres" and "Restos de Mi" are much quieter while still easily falling under the rock label. However, "Restos" has rather melancholic lyrics about feeling lost, and while I'm not sure what the other is about, it has this odd feel that makes me think it's actually not very happy, while still sounding pretty catchy. It is the only thing that makes me forgive the fact they follow a song like "Diluvio". This one is supposed to be the ultimate rage-filled song, about how you've pushed someone to far and now they are about to destroy all your world. It starts with a quiet but eerie riff, then it becomes faster and more evil. It's powerful, it's gripping, it's dark and definitely one of their best. Mystica Girls really have a gift for revenge songs.

The only two songs I haven't mentioned yet are the ultimate proofs of Mystica Girls' oddness. "Rabia" is an even more striking example of lyrics not fitting the musical accompaniment, because it's supposed to be another angry song, but it sounds just as light and catchy as "Cuanto Quieres". And the record closes with an homage to the weird last song trope, with "Danza de las mascaradas", a song that brings the picture of dancing skeletons and ghosts into your mind.

So Mystica Girls does really have a personality, even if I never thought I would say that. While they might seem a bit too soft and commercial, they are enjoyable for their weird atmospheres, and they can be heavy when they want to. Maybe it's an acquired taste, but it's a very decent record. To get a bigger taste of this band's strangeness, check out the videos for their other songs, "My Dinner" and "The Conquest". In the first one, it seems they are eating somebody, and in the second one, two members get the two others in a package...
Final Score: 88 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Diluvio
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