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 The Ultimate Review of Heart

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Heart   The Ultimate Review of Heart I_icon_minitimeVen 12 Déc - 13:08

Since this album first came out in September I've put almost 300 plays into it and there isn't a dull moment for me, it hasn't gotten stale at all. Kamijo is one of my favorite songwriters of all time, I literally can't think of a song he's written that I dislike. The song writing in this album just screams Versailles, (Which it should considering he wrote a LOT of their best material) though there is very minimal neo-classical influence compared to Versailles' music, the neo-classical influence mainly only shows up in the solos which are amazing (Especially the guest solos by Hizaki). This album still manages to be equally as awesome as Versailles music, from the orchestral intro to the masterpiece title track, this is a "Heart" of pure gold!

The orchestrations are absolutely incredible and super bombastic, just as every good symphonic power metal orchestration should be. I'm in the minority when I say this, but I think an amazing orchestration is just as awesome or sometimes better than flashy guitar solos or speedy riffs and Kamijo's orchestrations never cease to amaze me. There's some neo-classical influence in the guitar solos and I especially love that because neo-classical Metal is my favorite genre. Then off course we have, in true Versailles fashion, the more experimental tracks like the Swing/Jazz "Moulin Rouge" or what I like to call "Epic Circus Music" in the track "Death Parade" and the organ sounding folk-ish, polka-ish tune "Dakishimerarenagara" I love them all (Though, I could see why a lot of people wouldn't) Being a ballad lover, I have to say "Romantique" is beautiful (Though nothing will ever touch "Love Will Be Born Again" from Versailles album "Holy Grail" for being one of the greatest ballads of all time)

Not to mention Kamijo is my 5th favorite vocalist of all time and his performance on this is just as spectacular as always, mostly sticking to an eloquent, lower baritone range. Especially when he tests his limits as a vocalist, the high notes he reaches in "Moulin Rouge" and "Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie en Rose~ [Symphonic Metal Version]" give me chills every time (But honestly, I'd listen to him sing the phone book).

I will admit, more full fledged symphonic power metal tracks would've been nice, as the title track "Heart" is probably one of the best ones I've ever heard and "Katateni ni Yume wo Motsu Otome", "Tsuioku no Monamour", "Rose Croix" and "Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie en Rose~ [Symphonic Metal Version]" are all majorly badass tracks and highlights of the album as well, but the lack of more symphonic power metal tracks doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the album one bit though.

I would highly recommend this album to all fans of Kamijo's vocals and music and to anyone who doesn't mind some slower tracks and experimentation in their symphonic power metal. I already prefer this album to half of Versailles music and Versailles is my 5th favorite band. So that's really saying something. This truly is a masterwork of the j-power genre and a flawless debut.
Final Score: 49 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Heart
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