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 The Ultimate Review of Roots

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Roots   The Ultimate Review of Roots I_icon_minitimeVen 12 Déc - 13:07

For many folks out there, the 90s were a very treacherous time in the metallic world. Thrash was fading away, shred had all but a year's worth of legitimacy, and something new was a'brewin' in the Pacific Northwest. Metal as they knew it was leaving the mainstream spotlight in favor of the "next big thing" rearing its ugly head(s) as the years wore on and certain groups who still wished to hold onto their place within the A-List spectrum had to do something Adapt or die, after all. Yet none really fell right on their fucking face with it than our one-time favorite Brazilian troublemakers Sepultura with a little thing called "Roots"...

For as heartfelt as Max and the boys made their material out to be, there's no doubting for a second that "Roots" is ultimately uninspired and lifeless. On a musical level, the group's well of collective creativity was bone dry amidst this 70+ minute mishmash. Years after being a bastion of endless riffage, we'd be lucky to get 2 or 3 riffs TOTAL song by song, with many of them mere half-step chord progressions, numbing repetition and that oh-so grating upper register dissonance so common with Korn-clone nu metal acts (the beginning of "Spit" is the worst example of the lot). Guitars that once bestowed chaotic butchery now merely shove you about, vocals that literally spat fire now mildly insult and drums that came at the listener in at least three or four different directions break down so heavily and often that it's a wonder the engine could turn over at all. And at the main forefront is Ross Robinson's shit production, which robs a lot of the body from the songs and rendering them flat, unimpressive and drudging from end to end. It almost becomes a chore to continue on the further in you go track by track, with no one song better, worse or really standing out amongst the rest; I swear at least three of the songs therein are so interchangeable that you could retitle them and no one would notice.

Things were already on the down slope for quite a few out there with "Chaos A.D.", wherein the band found themselves stylistically painting themselves into a corner, and with the release of this the corner went from being limiting to outright gone. Yet the main problem with many of the opinions placed upon this is that, more often than not, this is singled out as the one definitive moment in which "metalness" was cast asunder in favor of commercial excess. Those who would believe that aren't entirely wrong, but it's unfair to only pick on Sepultura. This decade was very unkind to metal, as we're all aware, and as I'd said before bands who were on top of the world years ago had to do whatever it took to maintain focus and attention during this time of social upheaval. Survival instinct if nothing else. For fuck's sake, your beloved Big Four of Thrash Metal weren't immune to the curse of the 90s, either! None of them! "Cryptic Writings?" "Volume 8: The Threat is Real?" "Load??" "Diabolus in Musica??" Exodus and Testament dropping off the map? Need I go on? I hope not. But, if "Chaos A.D." has taught me anything it's that, at their core, Sepultura just flat out don't care what you think; they'll do what they feel is right by them no matter the cost. And really, of all the thrash bands the 80s spat at us they seemed to have the most to say, shooting for legitimate societal woes versus "What if?" political rantings and Satanic buffoonery. Maybe their survival instinct was the result of them needing as big a podium as can be to showcase the world in all its shit glory. Yet does that absolve the band in any way given how "Roots" came out? Not a chance.

All in all "Roots" may have had some deep-rooted (heh...) concepts underneath all the high school angst and blinding blur, but the whole of the work is just too lacking to take it all in. I may have heard worse nu metal bands and albums, but I've heard far better Sepultura. We all have.
Final Score: 5 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Roots
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