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 The Ultimate Review of Temples of Torment

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Temples of Torment   The Ultimate Review of Temples of Torment I_icon_minitimeVen 12 Déc - 13:06

In terms of quality, blackness and brutality, Ravencult is the spearhead of the pulsating Greek scene. Framed by the distorted sounds of a gloomy monks´ choir, eight vicious songs barrel along like a high-speed train. The band masterly combines furious guitar attacks with morbidly vibrating melodies. In view of the album´s murderous and extremely raw overall impression, the melodic elements fight a losing battle. Nevertheless, they make an important contribution to the acoustic appearance of this impeccable debut. The same applies, of course, to the appropriate production. Ravencult´s tonal vehemence has been put in the right perspective due to the impenetrable and voluminous wall of sound. To avoid misunderstandings, the album is not overproduced. It just gives you no possibility to escape, because its full sound embraces you violently.

Already the first devilish detonation, namely "The Sigil of Baphomet", overpowers the unsuspecting listener in a matter of seconds. The four musicians present themselves as uncontrollable, rabid dogs without neglecting to perform this song with deadly precision. Albeit the snare is hardly audible during the fastest parts of the songs, you will be impressed by the accurate and mighty hammering of the drums. The man behind the drum kit is doing his best in order to take control of the sound. But he is not able to drown out the fascinating guitar lines that do definitely not lack of pressure and harshness. Quite the opposite. Due to their razor-sharp accuracy, they try to hurt you wherever you are. I fear they will be successful. Regardless of this, the rough vocals add an adequate quantum of disgust and revulsion. Lead singer "L." - a longer name was apparently too expensive - strictly sticks to a very brute style. One might call his performance one-dimensional, but I think it matches very well with the mercilessness of the instrumental soundscape.

In accordance with the raging approach of the band, the majority of the songs is dominated by high speed rhythms. The fairly epic "The Nightsky Codex" marks the only exception, although it also offers a well executed short outburst of anger. Despite of its slower tempo, this piece creates the same devastating atmosphere as the remaining songs. It therefore belongs to the best tracks of this debut, not least because it proves that the musicians are able to manage different songwriting formulas without losing their destructive power. In addition, the aforementioned track shines with the most memorable chorus of the album due to its catchy and ultra harsh main riff.

Don´t be confused by the fact that your CD player will display a length of sixty minutes. That´s just some kind of stupid joke, because there are more than twenty minutes of silence included. At the end of the final number, Ravencult offer a hidden track. If you wait patiently, you will discover a cover version of a piece of Bathory´s debut. What an original choice... But don´t let us look for the fly in the ointment. Overall, this is a great debut which features a gargantuan intensity while being slightly influenced by groundbreaking albums such as "Pure Holocaust". From the above mentioned opener to the last explosion, the fast-paced and murderous "The Needles of Truth", the rampaging Greek horde demonstrates the overwhelming strength of underground black metal without denying their unmistakable thrash influences. A fine mixture - and an outstanding album which I can highly recommend to all those who want to explore the art of extremely rabid black thrash.
Final Score: 92 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Temples of Torment
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