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 The Ultimate Review of Waking the Fury

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Waking the Fury   The Ultimate Review of Waking the Fury I_icon_minitimeJeu 11 Déc - 12:08

<p id="reviewText_165267">In many ways, music is its own drug. I take a bit of Slayer instead of cocaine, do a bit of Sabbath instead of weed, a hit of Blind Guardian instead of mushrooms. And 'Waking the Fury' is ecstasy, especially the kind that is mixed with speed. For those of you who aren't into drugs (and also not to incriminate myself), the closest thing I can compare this album to is downing a whole bottle of energy drink and then setting yourself an impossible deadline for work or something. I can claim that because I've done it, and Annihilator help to produce the most flat-out sprint that your body and mind are capable of.<br />
<br />
The first thing you're going to notice about 'Waking the Fury' is the guitar tone. It's overdriven and crunchy for the rhythm guitars and like screaming shards of ice for the leads. "Overdriven and crunchy" is an understatement: it's more like someone eating a bag of very heavy crisps inside your ear. The drums are also compressed in a similar way, though not as noticeably, which means that they aren't thrashy in any way that you might expect, instead having an almost industrial accuracy and relentlessness at times. The break in the middle of 'Ultra-Motion' sounds inhumanly tight and rigidly controlled, before a juicy solo pisses alll over the idea that anything generic is going on. This is all a bit strange, but this album is a drug and you expect some slight side effects to the high.<br />
<br />
Now, there is nothing original about getting high - it's merely about going further with a normal sensation than you normally would, and that's what Jeff Waters has nailed on this album. The riffs don't reinvent the wheel, creaming off the more modern, adrenalised parts of thrash without becoming too technical. They do, however, grip you by the nads (or breasts I guess, all things being equal) and pull you along on a desperate surge of speed. The way that the riffs on 'My Precious Lunatic Asylum' seem to keep accelerating from 1:30 to 2:50 is perhaps the most thrilling way to come up without risking arrest. The leads are where the technicality lies: Waters has always been a phenomenal lead guitarist even when his songwriting choices have been questionable, so the relative simplicity of the core structure (verses, choruses, and plenty of instrumental time) gives his solos a platform to propel or decorate songs, whichever is necessary. There are plenty of traditional lead parts on 'Waking the Fury', as well as supporting melodies and fine touches, but a few solos go off the chain in the most gripping way imaginable - not quite Marty Friedman, but these guys are in the same sentence.<br />
<br />
The other part of any drug is the addiction. Even if your body doesn't actually have a physiological requirement for another dose, the memory may be enough to compel you to repeat the experience. This is a catchy album, make no mistake about it. There are groove monsters like 'Ritual' that the most brainless mosher would love, then 'Torn' and 'The Blackest Day' have great choruses, while the other lyrics are memorable, if not terribly surprising. The surprises are not huge: there's a strutting ACDC number (if ACDC liked amphetamine, I guess) called 'Nothing to Me' that follows in the footsteps of Annihilator's previous hard rock attempts, plus the chilling riffs of 'Cold Blooded' that have a touch of black metal menace about them, particularly the outro riff. The real surprise is of course the surplus of energy and excitement that these songs exude and the fact that the album is remarkably consistent, without any real weak songs. The first four tracks edge it for me in terms of pure quality, with 'Ultra-Motion' the absolute stand-out - it just shits all over my brain in all kinds of ways.<br />
<br />
'Waking the Fury' isn't the most innovative album, but it is unique and exciting in a way that few other albums can claim to be. It wouldn't surprise me if Jeff Waters turned up in your neighbourhood soon wearing a bulky coat and offering CDs in exchange for cash. Go ahead kids - say "yes".</p>
<p>Final Score: 59 / 100</p>
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The Ultimate Review of Waking the Fury
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