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 The Ultimate Review of Time Tears Down

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Time Tears Down   The Ultimate Review of Time Tears Down I_icon_minitimeJeu 11 Déc - 12:05

<p id="reviewText_165268">A band described as similar to Arch Enemy and Children of Bodom might not appeal to everyone, but in theory I should be the person that appreciates this more than most. Not that this is in theory. Germany's never been the country of choice for me to go to for music, and I never really found the German style of melodeath particularly attractive to my ears. So while this isn't necessarily bad, don't be expecting any kind of groundbreaking scores from me.<br />
<br />
First things first, the vocals are off-putting. I can't say why, and maybe it's the fact that a modern Arch Enemy-esque band is using male vocals, which doesn't really fit in my mind. But they just seem like they're coming from the throat more than they should, a harsh bark in comparison to the proper death growl that I'd like to hear. Since the vocals are quite far forward in the mix as well they seem a bit more annoying than they would be if the guitars and drums could compete with them in terms of volume.<br />
<br />
The drumming though is very nice, solid for the entire forty-five minutes that this album lasts for. They don't just play the same thing over and over on a loop either, and there are a lot of very tricky sections that pop up throughout the album. I can really appreciate that this guy has talent and does the best he possibly can to show it, but he also never goes overboard and just plays for pure pace. It's a refreshing thing to hear after some of the poor drumming I've heard in the past couple of weeks.<br />
<br />
The guitars are seemingly influenced by Arch Enemy in some of the hooks that they play in the choruses particularly as well as the solos (occasionally with a bit of Alexi's influence in the solos), but the verses have a different sound. For some reason though (probably the fact that I've dedicated too much time to AE) it fails to fit together properly and I just can't see the link between them. The tuning sometimes has too big a gap for me to be able to fill in exactly what's going on and why, and at other points the styles are too different. Don't get me wrong here, the verses can be good too, but the whole thing just isn't right as a package for a large portion.<br />
<br />
The synthesizer is very subtle with this band for the most part, but it does have its moments such as on <i>In the Dark</i>. The keyboards also have a tendency to swoop in and save the day where the guitars fail at points, albeit in their quiet way in the background. They could probably use some more attention, because I'd say that <i>In the Dark</i> where they are most prominent is the best track on the album. The keyboards also link the chorus and verse together in some tracks, which makes them more enjoyable since they actually sound like the pieces fit together.<br />
<br />
There's a riff in <i>Chaos Inside</i> that I've heard before. I'm not sure if it was AE or someone far smaller like Karkaos, but I've heard someone else use an identical riff before. And then there's the song <i>The Pulse of the Dead</i>, which basically sounds like a more flashy version of Children of Bodom's <i>In Your Face</i>. I don't mind similarities between bands, but when you stop and think "Hang on, I've heard that before," you begin to question where it came from and if indeed it was an intended copy. Chances are that it wasn't here, but when you create something that sounds like some of the biggest names in the genre you're playing and then have songs that cause you to raise your eyebrows, it does detract from the overall feeling of the record.<br />
<br />
A suspicion that some might have is that I'm just a jealous Arch Enemy fan-boy who can't handle his favourite band being outplayed by a smaller band that uses a similar style. And if you think Parasite Inc. are the better band, then that's great. Music is like that, different people will like different things. Small bands like this one definitely deserve more attention than they get at the moment, but at the same time what you have to remember is that that's your opinion. Mine is different, and I just can't get into this band as much as the more mainstream bands.</p>
<p>Final Score: 84 / 100</p>
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The Ultimate Review of Time Tears Down
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