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 The Ultimate Review of Tactical

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Tactical   The Ultimate Review of Tactical I_icon_minitimeJeu 18 Déc - 14:23

World Under Blood's debut album is a product envisioned and created by Deron Miller who is best known as the front man for the alternative rock/metal band cKy. I have known of cKy for many years since first hearing "96 Quite Bitter Beings", but that's all I know from them. Judging based on that one song, which I do like, I was not however expecting what I heard on this album. Deron Miller is apparently a huge death metal fan, having been greatly influenced by Chuck Shuldiner amongst others which is pretty awesome. Deron's love for metal can definitely be felt on this album with his fast thrashy riffs along with his sharp mid-to-high pitched vocals. I am certainly pleasantly surprised at the level at which this guy can perform, proving that you can't always judge a musician's capabilities based on one style that they may be known for.

Of course, Miller's playing is highly complemented by the intense onslaught of drumming that is provided by the one and only Tim Yueng. It would seem these two work very well together in putting together some solid melodic death metal. The album has some very uplifting melodic parts that includes some clean singing sporadically in there as well. This allows for the songs to be very catchy without being overly melodic and with allowing for some very heavy, blistering parts in the songs. Luke Jaeger of Sleep Terror fame is also on this album to bring us some serious shredding leads that really compliment the over all climax of each song to a great degree. They are very fast, showing off Jaeger's virtuoso speed with great phrasing intertwined to create what really allows this album to sound complete. Having these high caliber musicians on here with Miller's riffs and vocals, Yeung's well known intensity on the kit, and Jaeger's leads, is a recipe for a great sounding album. It should be noted that I read that although Kyle Konkiel is credited as the bassist it was really Miller who recorded the bass tracks.

In terms of the actual songs I have to say that some tracks are very addictive to listen to. They have hook which can be rare in extreme metal and some times can go the wrong way when done wrong. Some melodic death metal bands bore me because the only thing "death metal" about some of them is the vocals. A lot of modern melodic death metal bands lack that intensity that makes death metal what it is and substitute that with overly melodic songs that completely disturbs the balance. This band however is able to be very melodic and very heavy at the same time. Miller's focus on fast rffing is much appreciated by myself as I love fast thrashy death metal, but can still enjoy some great melodic parts mixed in as well. The balance is there and it is quite enjoyable throughout the album.

I've found myself listening to this album a lot more than I expected I would. I honestly didn't think I'd really dig this album, but I am sure glad I gave it an honest chance. The album is in no way shape or form "unique" though I don't feel. Nothing here is really new at all, its just really well done. I really love the guitar playing on this album especially, with the aforementioned solos and fast complex tremolo picking riffs mixed in with some nice melodic sections. My favorite song on here is "In the Arms of Cruelty", as it just has a very catchy overall flow that just does a great job of sticking in my head and getting me to want more. So although this album does not standout as all that special or unique it is still quite enjoyable. If you have a yearning for some catchy modern melodic death metal I would at the very least give this album a chance.
Final Score: 92 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Tactical
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