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 The Ultimate Review of Promo

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Promo   The Ultimate Review of Promo I_icon_minitimeJeu 18 Déc - 14:22

I know, Russia is not exactly a country that usually comes to mind when you talk about metal music. There are people outside Russia that have heard of Aria (Ария) and Epidemia (Эпидемия), but that’s pretty much it. Luckily, Russian metal scene has more to offer. One good example would be the band I’m reviewing now: Sunless Rise. Formed in Tobolsk and later relocated to Saint Petersburg, this band plays melodic death metal, heavily inspired by Finnish melodic death metal scene, mostly by Children of Bodom and Kalmah.

Keyboards are really prominent on this album, so I’ll start with them. In fact, the first track here, Nothing to Save, starts with an industrial-sounding section. Awakening also starts with keyboards, though not playing anything industrial-sounding. On the other hand, Lost Path starts out with a pretty neat guitar riff. What about Sunless Rise, then? At the beginning of this track, we hear both guitar and keyboards. And those are only intros. If you keep listening to the tracks, you’ll get a chance to hear more riffs, solos and keyboard sections you will enjoy. The bass can actually be heard, which is a bit strange thing for a lot of modern material; besides, Awakening has an enjoyable, though brief, section where you can only hear the bass; the same section is repeated later in the same track. Drums are competently played and varied, though mostly relegated to supporting other instruments.

As for vocals, you’ll mostly get growls, but screams are also present. There are also some sections where you can hear clean vocals. Now, clean vocals in melodic death metal can often ruin a track, either because they do not fit the track or because they are simply bad. But we do not have that kind of problem here. In fact, the clean vocals actually give this EP an extra dimension. The growls and screams remind me a bit of Kalmah, which is, at least in my case, a good thing. The screams can also be compared to Gothenburg school without problem. The only bad thing I can say about vocals is that there is some shouting in Awakening that sounds completely out of place. Luckily, it’s brief.

Lyrically, meaning of life (or lack of meaning, for that matter) seems to be the most important theme. All four tracks are lyrically connected, so I suggest you listen to this EP from the first track to the last, without skipping, in order to get the full picture (also, read the lyrics, to make it easier). I can even give you some lyrics from Lost Path:

What do we come in this world for?
For leading a meaningless fast life?
Are people really created for
Becoming similar to beasts?

After listening to this material, you just have to wonder one thing: would Sunless Rise have already made a name on the metal scene if they had been formed in Finland or Sweden instead of Russia? There is no doubt that this band deserves more recognition. If you find this material anywhere, give it a shot, you won’t regret it.
Final Score: 37 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Promo
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