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 The Ultimate Review of Dark Path

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MessageSujet: The Ultimate Review of Dark Path   The Ultimate Review of Dark Path I_icon_minitimeSam 13 Déc - 20:18

What's the weirdest, darkest thrash metal you've ever heard? Unless you've heard this band Earthling from Harrisonburg, Virginia then I'm afraid you haven't heard shit , my friend. Someone needs to give a fuck about this band right now because they're too good to go unnoticed.

Right out of the gate Earthling let you know they are indeed on a "dark fucking path" with the opening of the first/title track and these guys then proceed to show the cosmos they're some true thrash metal monsters throughout the duration of this entire album. Many Slayer-in-spirit type riffs assail you with off-kilter and fucked up drum fills. The drummer is just stupendous. The drumming ranges in styles between galloping thrash metal beats, black metal style blastbeats, and even some progressive rock fills. I'd say the drummer is really the heart of this band, but everyone in Earthling fulfills their respective roles well.

Here's the thing though: Earthling are not your cut and dry thrash metal horde. I consider this a plus, personally. They're darker and weirder than most thrash metal. For instance, the third track entitled "Losing Sight" has a repeating riff that reminds me of the strange melodic counterpoint riffing of say, Krallice. These guys also have an overall bestial and cavernous type of sound that would not be out of place if they were put on a death metal festival, so take that for what it's worth. Think maybe the band Infernal Stronghold meets like, Voivod and Slayer.

Something tells me this band partakes in their fair ingestion of hallucinogenic mushrooms and that is evident in the spirit of their music. So I recommend eating shrooms and drinking beer with metal sluts in a ritualistic manner and then thrashing-out to this album.

Great work Earthlings. Thou hast concocted killer thrash metal in the year 2013. A rare and unexpected feat.

Final Score: 23 / 100
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The Ultimate Review of Dark Path
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